Au Revoir, America!

Well, tomorrow is the big day! I can’t believe how fast it came up. I applied very late to the program (September) after I found out that London was not going to work out, and finally, after what feels like millions upon millions of phone calls, emails, Chicago road trips, applications, and random fees, I am finally on my way to do something extraordinary. Studying abroad is something I have always wanted to do…I can’t believe it’s happening now. It is a bit sooner than I expected (about a year), but the more I think about it, the better I feel about the timing. Had I waited another year, I would have already completed my French minor, and would have had no other classes to transfer back and count towards completion. Additionally, I think it’ll be easier not dealing with a lease and leaving right in the middle of my core education classes. Plus, I have already met some fabulous people 🙂 Let’s just say this semester is definitely going to be a trying one… Alright, to clear things up, I will be gone from tomorrow, January 21, 2010, until May 31, 2010. I will be buying a new phone when I get out there, but I do not advice trying to call or text.

In case I don’t have a chance to update, here’s the itinerary for the next few days:

• Leaving Wisconsin tomorrow at approximately 1:30 pm.
• Arriving in the lovely Chicago O’Hare Int. Airport @ 3:30 pm.
• Departing for Paris @ 6:28 pm.
• Arriving in Paris @ approximately 8:30 am.
• Then…I will be spending 5 days at a hotel in Paris with the group. We will be touring and sightseeing during the days, and our nights are free!!!

On January 27, we will be taking a 2 hour train ride to Caen, Normandy, which is where we will be staying. As I stated in my lower post, I am residing with a single mom and her three young children (2 girls, ages 13 & 5) and one boy (age 10). It is considered polite to arrive with gifts for the family, hopefully representing America & Wisconsin, with a taste of our own personality. As most of you know, my personality is quite unique. So, I tried to make my gifts the same way. For starters, I got them a jar of Peanut Butter!! They do not have that out there; if they do not eat it I will be sure to!!! Along with that I have added sour patch kids and Reese’s peanut butter cups (my foreign exchange student from Germany LOVED Reese’s; this is where I got the idea.) I also included a 2010 Calendar of Milwaukee and some Bath and Body Works products, a trendy handbag, and a Packers jersey. I’m quite content with the purchases. Hopefully they will be too.

Paris…j’arrive!! Tu m’as beaucoup manquĂ©, ça fait longtemps.

For fun, pictures of me on first trip to France in 2007!

 Paris 2007

St. Malo, Bretagne 2007

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