November: Life Updates from Dana

Having only posted three times since August, I’ve been noticeably absent from the blogging world. This absence didn’t start off as intentional– coming back from a month-long stay in the USA to jumping right back into a new school year had taken its toll on me, and there was also a lot (A LOT) of things going on behind the scenes in my personal life. … Continue reading November: Life Updates from Dana

Me, too.

When I originally posted the words “Me Too” on my Facebook status, I typed them, deleted them, typed them, posted them, deleted them, waited 12 hours, and typed them and posted them again. Since the #MeToo campaign has come out, I’ve tried to write this post several times over the past couple of weeks. I’ve written fiercely, gotten emotional, gotten scared, gotten angry, and put … Continue reading Me, too.

Life Recap: August & September 2017

I originally started blogging in order to create a helpful and informative TAPIF blog as well as to record my travels during my “Year in France”. However, as time has passed on, the style and purpose of my blog has shifted. I have also realized that I simply like having a dedicated space where records of my life have been documented over the past few … Continue reading Life Recap: August & September 2017

The Best Ways to Spend a Day in Chicago

Growing up near Milwaukee, I was only, at maximum, a two hour car or train ride away from the Windy City. As an adult committed to both local and overseas travel, I’ve made a conscious effort to get to know America’s third largest city a bit better. Thankfully, over the past few years, I’ve actually been able to make it down for a few day … Continue reading The Best Ways to Spend a Day in Chicago

The Very Best of Summer in Wisconsin

I feel like Wisconsin is one of the world’s best-kept secrets. It’s the place I called home for 23 years, but after four years away, I’ve come to realize just how much Wisconsin– and in particular, Milwaukee, has to offer. It is such a fantastic city! Milwaukee’s famous hotel, The Pfister After spending a large portion of my adult life living in France and doing … Continue reading The Very Best of Summer in Wisconsin

Once Upon a Time at Bookworm Gardens

A few weeks ago at the end of July, my mom, aunt, and cousin’s daughter decided to venture one hour north of Milwaukee to check out Bookworm Gardens, a non-profit, botanic garden based off of children’s literature. With a mission of “Enrich[ing] the mind, body, and spirit of the young and young at heart through exploration in a garden environment based on children’s literature,” Bookworm Gardens … Continue reading Once Upon a Time at Bookworm Gardens