How to Live in France

Over the past year or so, I’ve had quite an increase in the emails and messages that readers send me. I love getting messages from readers, and I make a point to respond to every message I receive. I’ve notice a trending, recurring theme in many of the message, which go kind of like this: “Hi Dana, I want to live and work longterm in France/Europe/stay in France … Continue reading How to Live in France


A Day in Keukenhof

When people think of spring flowers, tulips are some of the first to come to mind. Tulips are pretty, simple, and come in a wide array of colors. The only downside is their  extremely short lifespan! Perhaps one of the world’s most known flower gardens is Keukenhof. Located in The Netherlands, Keukenhof is known as the Garden of Europe, and contains more than 7 million bulbs with over 800 … Continue reading A Day in Keukenhof


2016 Paris Adventures: Mom, Cousin, and Pride

Since running the Paris half-marathon in March, I’ve been really luck to have gone back to Paris over the past few months. March 2016 At the end of March, my mother, a French teacher in Wisconsin, came to France with ten lovely students on their bi-annual high school French trip. The students spent one week with a French host family in Tours, and then got to … Continue reading 2016 Paris Adventures: Mom, Cousin, and Pride


A Day in Rouen

On my way back from my UK road trip to Oxford, Northern England, and Scotland, I spent the day in my friend’s hometown of Rouen, the biggest city in Haute-Normandie region. I had previously visited Rouen once, for a day, back in 2007. The streets were just as charming as I remembered; I enjoyed strolling down the crooked, narrow pathways and drooling over the architecture. Perhaps … Continue reading A Day in Rouen


Notes On What’s Coming Next.

This past school year, in a nutshell, was a very difficult one. Sure, I loved my job and I loved living in Lille; I traveled and visited friends and in return had a ton of visitors. But I was still quite sad a lot the time– I was (am?) dealing with death and heartbreak and loss and grief and the overall stress about what to do and where … Continue reading Notes On What’s Coming Next.


The Sunburn I Would Like To Save

As many of my long-term readers may know, I am not shy when it comes to discussing a wide-range of topics on this blog. Besides my TAPIF Tips/Lecteur Lessons, the most popular posts on AsToldByDana are ones in which I talk about details and everyday happenings of my life. From street harassment, to sexual assault, to my trip to the French gynecologist, to using the Diva … Continue reading The Sunburn I Would Like To Save